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How you can help!

1. Power through Mobilization of forces.

The greater the number of participants, the greater the ability to make an effective change. We are asking for your support and participation if you or your organization care and agree with our concerns. We invite you to become a link and an active participant of our worldwide network to make a difference. We urge Individuals and Organizations to help support and sponsor our drives as soon as possible.
An estimated 45 more Green Sea Turtles are being Slaughtered every day in Bali alone, how long can this continue? Let's stop it now !

2. Participation and Moral Support.

If you agree with our goals and the work we've done so far, let us know by contacting us via e-mail , fax or mail.

Your membership is welcomed even as a passive supporter of our organization.
If you would like to help us as an active supporter and participate in our actions, even better. Please indicate who you or your organization are, how you would like to help, and where. We are open to and urge any suggestions, information, and criticism concerning our group and it's drives and concerns.

Joining EARTH ADVOCATES as easy as a few clicks and keystrokes.

3. Share information and experiences

As a registered member of Earth Advocates you can immediately share information, images, experiences and views with us and other members of the network.
You'll gain immediate access to our forum as well as our guest image gallery where you can post news, messages and images.

If you like to become an author on our website and contribute extended articles and news accross the web platform, contact us and we'll arrange an online access to the site for you.

4. DONATIONS and Continued Support.

Being a newly founded non-profit organization committed to action, some funding is needed in addition to our enthusiasm.
We are currently applying for our non-profit organization status in Germany with plans to network out to other continents. At present we still lack many the necessary funds to maintain the communication systems essential to action oriented group. We encourage you to help us in whatever way you can in the form of gift donations, old equipment, your time, your creative input.

Joining Earth Advocates is free, but we could sure use your help with a donation if you can afford it!
Interested members can Donate easily with the World Wide PayPal System. It's quick easy and secure.

You'll be placed on our mailing list, thus eligible to receive our electronic newsletter with updates of actions and activities, and related information once the systems are installed. Eventually we intend to issue membership cards and perhaps distribute t-shirts, caps, etc. More importantly, we plan to provide members with low price access to some of the worlds most remote natural reserves, including Dive resorts and jungle lodges and so forth. Through this we hope members can actively experience that which they are helping to preserve.

We naturally would welcome any larger grants or donations of equipment desperately needed to make Earth Advocates more efficient and effective.

We also welcome individuals and organizations who are willing to co-sponsor any portion of our actions.
Please join the Earth Advocates Network, you will be adding your voice to the hundreds that are actively responding to some of the most urgent issues in the world - and it will make a difference.


Thank you for your support !