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EARTH ADVOCATES is a highly motivated non-profit group which believes that the natural environment and the species within need stronger representation to balance the increasing human onslaught which is endangering it to the brink of destruction.

Our Objectives.

To be advocate and protector of the natural environment and through our activities educate others to become active players in protecting and saving whats left of our fragile environment.

We plan to connect as many different people from various walks of life as possible to participate in our active network group.

Eventually we aim to mobilize forces throughout the entire world in order to make lasting changes by promoting pro-environmental policy making on local, national, international and global levels–focusing on areas of the planet especially vulnerable to environmental abuse.

Immediate Areas of Focus.

We believe all the worlds ecosystems are very important. However,with so many environmental injustices currently existing on our planet and the limited resources available to us we are presently focusing on only specific areas. Factors such as environmental vulnerablity, legal precedence (or lack of), availablity of information, population density, and urgency, are decisive criteria for our areas of focus.

Current actions and areas of focus by the EARTH ADVOCATES Group include:

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The Founder of this group became committed to creating this organization in 1997. While attempting to stop an 'out of control' fishing operation from further damaging the marine ecosystem along North West Sulawesi, Indonesia.

After 25 years of globe-trotting with backpacks to some of the most magnificent places on the earth, it hurts to see these places years later with ecosystems that have been irreversibly destroyed by human ignorance and carelessness. Due to such experiences, Robin Marinos finally had to commit himself to the defense of Nature and its creatures, (humans included) who need help and can not defend themselves.

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Earth Advocates may have never been able to develop into what it has become without the inspiration and support of some special individuals who have helped our cause in one way or another. Our gratitude and appreciation goes to all these special people. We thank you all and look forward to a continuing a meaningful and prosperous relationship with many such individuals or groups into the 21st Century!